Pasticceria Fraccaro’s Artisanal Easter

It’s Easter again, the universal holiday that heralds spring, and Pasticceria Fraccaro’s artisans are ready to prepare our delicious Colomba, Veneziana, and the traditional Focaccia, symbols of this holiday.
The Colomba, which means “dove” in Italian, symbolises peace. At Easter, it becomes a fragrant cake topped with icing and almonds, an artisanal sourdough delicacy that appears every year at this time.
Pasticceria Fraccaro’s Veneziana is a traditional Venetian cake, a soft delicacy with a honeycomb structure. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the creation of our first Veneziana, that we make with the same recipe and sourdough today as we did back then.

Pasticceria Fraccaro Easter 2024