*Our Aroma Spumadoro in a new format.
Now available in a glass bottle

flavour Spumadoro

The original recipe from 1940.

Italian quality

The new opaque glass bottle protects it from the light.

Citrus essential oils

An exceptional blend that adds fantastic flavouring to even a simple ring cake.

flavour Spumadoro

Contains no preservatives

, only natural colouring (turmeric)

Sugar free

Contains only natural ingredients

It only takes a few drops

to add flavour to Focaccia, Panettone and Brioche.

A simple love story that has lasted almost 90 years.
Our company was founded in 1932

when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened their first bakery within the medieval walls of Castelfranco Veneto.

Pasticceria Fraccaro - Michele Luca Paolo

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