Focaccia Casalinga

Focaccia Casalinga

In Veneto, Easter means our Focaccia Casalinga, a traditional cake that was created by adding eggs, sugar and butter to bread dough The fragrant and pleasantly sweet cake is topped with delicate hail sugar..


Ingredients: type ‘0’ soft wheat flour 42% - sugar - glaze (sugar, egg white, coconut oil, wheat starch, rice flour, peanut flour, potato starch, flavours, preservative: calcio propionato) - eggs 7% - margarine with no hydrogenated fats (high oleic sunflower oil, sal oil, water, correttore di acidità: citric acid) - egg yolk - inverted sugar syrup - butter - emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids - natural yeast - salt - malted wheat flour - flavours

May contains traces of tree nuts and soya

Nutritional value per 100 g.

of which saturated
of which sugars
1.468 kJ / 348 kcal
8,2 g
3,0 g
59 g
18 g
2,1 g
8,5 g
0,50 g